Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?

For multiple treatments and packages we advise that you book 2-4 days in advance. For a single treatment 1-2 days ahead is usually sufficient. Depending on the time of year, we can often accommodate you on the same day so please feel free to contact us and inquire. We always try our best to get everyone in as soon as possible at the desired time of day for your treatment.

Do I need to bring anything or wear anything specific?

The only treatment you will need to come prepared for is a Thai Massage. Please wear comfortable clothing as this treatment takes placed clothed. For all others you will be asked to remove as much as you are comfortable with. All other treatments will take place on a massage table and you will covered by a sheet and a blanket except for the area that is being worked on. Our therapists are fully trained in proper draping procedures to ensure your privacy and comfort.

How can I pay?

We accept Dominican Pesos, American Dollars, Mastercard and Visa. If you are a guest at Millennium you will also have the option to bill your services to your room and pay at the end of your stay.

Do men really get manicures and pedicures?

YES! All the time. Not many people find standing in a shower with a foot file and hacking away at their feet pleasurable. Why not come to the spa, relax and let someone else do it all for you. Nail care is a health issue as well as aesthetically pleasing. Keeping ones hands and feet in good condition, not only feels great but is great for you too! And no guys we will not paint your toes red….unless you want us to 😉 !

What if I’m late?

Arriving late will limit the time for your spa treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment. As your service was reserved at a specific time, your treatment will end at its set time so that the next guest is not inconvenienced and the full treatment price will apply.

What is the Spa’s cancellation policy?

We would appreciate 6 hours or more advanced notice. Cancellations with less than 6hrs notice will require a payment of 50% of the treatment value.

What is the spa’s booking policy?

We require a credit card number, gift certificate number, or 50% of the treatment value in cash to reserve all first time appointments.

What if I miss my appointment?

Payment is required in full for missed appointments.

If your questions wasn’t answered here please contact us so we can help you out